Northern Lights; Aurora Borealis


Most of my resources have been generic Celtic mythology, the internet & books regarding Druidry. What resources (books in particular, but websites & etc. are okay too) would you recommend to further my study of the Gaulish gods? I have been having some difficulty finding anything that is specific. Any guidance or recommendations would be appreciated.

Torcs and Mugwort

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I purchased a beautiful torc (made by Danny Hansen of and some mugwort smudge sticks at a gathering this weekend.

I am wondering if anyone has information about how torcs were used by the Celts (insular and/or continental), particularly information based on academic research/primary sources, although if you have information from other sources I am interested in hearing about that as well (just please cite sources whenever possible).

Mainly, I want to know how and when torcs were used, how they were dedicated, who they were worn by, how they were depicted in art, etc.

Re: the mugwort smudge sticks. There was a sign next to them saying that the Celts burned and used mugwort in a way similar to how American Indians use sage -- namely, for smudging/cleansing as a kind of purifying incense.

I am wondering if anyone has information about this use of mugwort (again, please cite sources if possible).

Thanks in advance.


so, the lion of march has come in with a roar. a wicked-ass snow storm is raging outside right now. the drive home was sketchy at best, but, as is my way, i prayed to my gods for safe passage; chanting to taranis and envisioning a wheel of energy protecting me as i drove along the icy roads. at one point i almost became giddy with the 'divine' feeling inside me. needless to say, i made it home alright. oh, did i mention that after i finished chanting/praying, i turned on the radio to the opening riff of 'thunderstruck' by ac/dc?


Riding the Wheel

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From windy hilltops and rolling glen,
In the lightning flash I have seen the Wheel turn.
The sound of change echoes through the mist and rain,
and I can feel your thunder pulsing in my very spirit.
it is to you that my path leads,
to ever receive your blessings.
May I always feel your strength in my body,
your presence in my head,
your light in my soul.
So may it always be.

Praise to Brigantia

Brigantia, Milkmaid of Triple Flame,

Hail to you O midwife of the Gods,

Your fire is the fire of the head,

Your Fire is the fire of the Heart,

Your Fire is the Fire of Progress.

The Spark that warms the weariest of souls,

You are the spear that gives battle to the cold. A light in the Darkness.

All that is bows to your Hand,

That brings forth Milk and Child.

The Truest Waters of Life are those within the well of your womb.

Smile Brigantia and I smile right back.